2024 GAP Workshop

The “Missing” Link between Evidence-Based Research and Policy Implementation

The Global Action for Policy (GAP) Initiative is bringing together researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and stakeholders for the 2024 GAP Workshop on March 8-9, 2024. 

About the 2024 GAP Workshop

The 2024 GAP Workshop will discuss evidence-based research, challenges for economic development, and barriers faced by policymakers in scaling up evidence-based policies. The aim is to build bridges to design collaborative interventions to address societal challenges using an interdisciplinary approach.


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GAP Initiative

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Keynote Speakers

Dean Karlan

Professor of Economics and Finance, Northwestern University and Chief Economist at USAID

Joshua Angrist

Ford Professor of Economics, MIT, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2021

Michael Kremer

University Professor in Economics, University of Chicago, Director of the Development Innovation Lab, Becker Friedman Institute for Research in Economics, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics in 2019